The best steak

  February 17, 2017  |    Blog  |   

Steve says: must rest after cooking and before serving… We all love that juicy, melt in your mouth experience of a great steak. Resting is the necessary ingredient in ensuring you achieve just that. When meat has time rest it allows the meat to relax and the moisture to evenly distribute throughout the meat. To …

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Australia Day and Lamb Chops

  January 21, 2016  |    Blog  |    , ,

Stevo says: perfect formula for Australia Day ! Lamb seems to be the meat of choice for Australia Day, from a whole lamb right down to a chop they are all party favourites. Barbeque Lamb Chops are fabulously versatile, straight up on the barbeque, marinated, or dressed  with garlic and rosemary they are a crowd pleaser …

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