It’s been a while since 1973, when we opened a shed on our Keysborough farm for locals who wanted to buy produce fresh from the land and at the same time directly support farmers.

As demand grew, so did our product range. Eventually we moved our farm to Central Victoria but we were determined to maintain a direct outlet to the public – and so that shed became Keysborough Egg Farm. The Egg Farm now has a huge range of produce. Along with the freshest eggs (of course) you will find just picked fruit and vegetables, superb cuts of beef, pork, lamb and chicken. Our butchers cut and dress all our meat in store. We also stock refrigerated deli goods, whole cuts of meat, and our famous premium dry aged beef – the meat equivalent of Grange Hermitage – prepared to exacting standards. Our entire range of fresh produce is sourced locally which in turn supports local farmers, ensuring their livelihood. We support farmers. And our produce is as fresh as it gets.


Awesome shop n staff, fresh meat at great prices and the kids are smashing the fresh eggs down.

- Ken

I love it at keysborough egg farm the meat is good and I do find it cheap and the staff are very friendly and very helpful and I will not go any were else

- Smithy

Best place to get your meat chicken eggs, and gourmet foods


Definitely the best place for fresh produce.. Amazing value and quality products. So happy to have found such a fantastic alternative to the poor quality supermarket produce I used to buy. This will definitely become part of my regular weekly

- Heidi

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