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Dry-Aged Prime Beef

  February 3, 2015  |    Blog  |    ,

Stevo says:The Beef Connoisseur’s choice…

Dry-Aged Beef is served in some of our best city restaurants and now you can also enjoy it at home. Newly installed a purpose built Dry-Ageing fridge in-store where you can view the process of ageing beef and select the perfect cut. The Dye Ageing process results in an incredibly tender and succulent prime cut.

The Prime cut of Beef is place in the fridge as a whole piece and left to age over several weeks. During this time the protein in the beef begins to tenderise. The moisture content of the meat also reduces which heightens the flavour, much like a good wine stored over time. Once the process is complete the Beef is trimmed and cut into pieces ready to cook. Dry Aged meat needs very little cooking and requires no resting time.

Come in and see the process at work and we are only too happy to discuss what would be the perfect cut of Dry-Aged Beef for your next occasion.See you in-store soonโ€ฆStevo