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Mother’ Day…

  May 7, 2014  |    Blog  |    , ,

Stevo says: Spoil Mum and cook…

Mother’s Day is the one day in the year we are reminded of what we really should be doing daily…thanking our Mums for all that they do and for all that they are.

What does Mum want…to be spoilt, take charge of the day’s planning in every way so Mum can sit back and enjoy. The menu for the day does not have to be difficult, remembering that Mum is rapt when we give something a go. A cooked brekkie can be a great start, fresh eggs, bacon, chorizo, sausages are just a few favourites that are all easy to prepare.

Lunch or dinner can be easy with the family favourite roast. Mum will be nothing but happy if you manage to cook it all in the barbeque, making no mess in the house. The children can also get involved, washing and peeling the veggies.

There are many quick, hand-made options also that are sure to impress, Chicken Kiev, Kebabs, Marinated Beef Ribs, Deboned Marinated Lamb and our medal winning Brat-Wurst Sausages are but a few we have on offer.

If you need any advise or delicious meal suggestions for the day drop in and see us, we are only too happy to help with your planning of this special day for our fabulous Mums….enjoy…Stevo