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Take-Away Anyone?

  October 16, 2012  |    Blog  |   

Stevo says: What Is and What Isn’t …

Take-away in it’s traditional form is served wrapped up in white paper or packaged in a miriad of appropriately sized cardboard containers. When placed on the dinner table, picnic table or perhaps even your lap there’s no escaping it’s origin was not the family kitchen. I am not for one moment saying that take-away doesn’t have it’s place in our busy schedules. I do question the generic form it takes and why it cannot look just as good as if your mum made it.

Take-away is all about the quick meal, the no-brainer when you are not only time poor but mentally drained as well. For me this is when I want comfort food, a meal I can relax my way through. So this brings me to the question… Does Take-away have to look and taste like Take-away? If all I have to do is turn the oven on, sit back and enjoy a glass of wine while it heats up, ย is it still take-away? There is an infinite number of options that fit this form of Take-Away, the only difference is they are not purchasable at all hours of the day,like the others. To beat this problem, when the thought processes are flowing, shop and pop some choice in your fridge and your covered .

This week, my suggestion to fit The Take-Away that’s not Take-Away ideal is Beef and Spinach Medallions. They are ย ready to go and no one would know they weren’t made in your kitchen. Relax and enjoy…See you in-store soon.Stevo