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Chicken Maryland…

  August 21, 2012  |    Blog  |    ,

Stevo says: It’s a wonderland of possibilities…

When shopping at the butcher’s a great deal of value can be gained in knowing your cuts of meat or asking those in the know.Chicken Maryland , for example, is a large cut of chicken containing both the thigh and the leg of the bird. Maryland can be cut into many pieces or just two, for example, the leg, or drumstick, and thigh. The thigh cut  is also known as a chicken chop. If filleted these cuts are then known as a leg fillet and thigh fillet. Why is this knowledge valuable? A larger cut can be purchased at an economical price and, armed with a good knife, you can create many meal options out of a single purchase.

Creating three meal options out of your maryland, in the simplest of fashions, would be firstly a roast of whole maryland pieces. My second  suggestion would be drumsticks on the barbeque and thirdly a casserole or bake in the oven out of the thigh or chop pieces. Easy done, three meal ideas out of a single purchase. There is only one simple cut involved and then bag two out of the three for the freezer f0r meals later in the week.

I also found a delicious recipe that I would like to share with you, as an idea for cooking chicken chops. It is  delicious in flavour and a breeze in preparation, as is synonymous with it’s author, Nigella Lawson. She is a favourite of mine when it comes to  ease and a resounding ” yes, please” from all.

In store you can pick up the chicken in chop form or maryland to cut yourself. We also sell knives and the Chorizo sausage is in our fridge section. The rest of the ingredients are very simple and probably your pantry regulars. See you in-store soon, Stevo

The recipe can be found by clicking here:  Spanish Chicken with Chorizo and Potatoes.