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Beef Week

  July 25, 2012  |    Blog  |    , ,

Stevo Says:..Porterhouse, Scotch and T-Bone, on special and truly special.


This week we have three Prime-cuts of beef on special and the possibilities are endless. Not only do we find these cuts coming off the barbeque as individual pieces, some can be roasted whole, cut for a stir-fry or, if romance is on the cards, a single  T-Bone can be a shared dining experience.


Steak should be refrigerated immediately when you get it home. The best storage method is on a rack, in a container. Cover the meat with a moist piece of cotton cloth, this ensures the meat retains it’s moisture and any juices that could possible sour the meat fall below. Remove your meat from the fridge at least an hour before cooking. This is especially important if your meat of choice is served rare. You don’t want a grilled exterior and a frigid interior.

Prime cuts of Beef have little connective tissue and therefore require little cooking time. Remember the importance of resting your meat after cooking; this should be done in a warm place with a double piece of foil loosely covering it. The rack on the barbeque, can be used for this purpose, with the barbeque turned off and the lid down. No rack on the barbeque, mine doesn’t have one either, a warm oven is the answer. A minimum of ten minutes resting allows the juices to come to the fore.

So what cut do you choose? Perhaps  ask the butchers to cryovac various cuts, ensuring they keep and you have a selection on the offering. Or do you buy a whole porterhouse, taking advantage of the special and you then have a variety of meals covered, steak, roast or stir-fry? If a dinner party is on the schedule beef on the bone is more dramatic and the bone creates sweetness in the meat. And when cutting that T-Bone for two, cut on the diagonal and enjoy…See you in store soon, Stevo