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Comfort Food…

  June 22, 2012  |    Blog  |  

Stevo Says:…Is it Weather Related?

The weather is now turning cold or should I say…uncomfortable enough for us all to be talking about it. Some rejoice in the thought of a day trip to the snow or maybe a ski holiday, to most the pick me up relates to food favourites. Now, on a daily basis we are turning to the types of comfort foods that makes us feel, dare I say, warm and fuzzy.

My dentist told me today that his favourite is our Chicken Kiev. The more the garlic butter oozes out ,to be soaked up by the rice on his plate, the happier he is. For my Mum, cooking a roast for all the family is her way of spoiling us. She follows with a fabulous home made sponge, made with the freshest of eggs, and yes we all go back for seconds. My children love eating Lamb Cutlets, no cutlery required, accompanied with mash and green beans. Their Nonna shares the love with home-made gnocchi, on request, and it’s not only the children with a smile on their faces.

There are so many stories we all could share about the foods that comfort us. The threads that binds them all are the beautiful fresh ingredients, often simple preparation from memory and the care that is taken for the food and those it is for. Maybe that’s the lesson in preparing any meal… ย fresh, simple, but never forgotten comforts all…See you in store soon,ย Stevo