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Eggs… More than they’re cracked up to be…

  May 15, 2012  |    Blog  |    , , ,

Stevo Says: A winner… breakfast, lunch and dinner!

We are now beginning to embrace the near perfection that is the humble egg. Eggs are naturally packaged perfect nutrition.

Eggs are an essential ingredient in meals throughout every day. Let’s start with the brekky benefits when eggs are on the menu.Breakfast is seen as the most important meal of the day . With eggs containing all the essential protein, minerals and vitamins, except Vitamin C, eggs are undoubtedly the best option. Starting your day with the perfect protein rich egg as your breakfast can also assist weight management and even weight loss. Add a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and your body will more readily absorb the iron from the egg and your fuelled to go. A protein rich breakfast also has the added value of keeping you satisfied for longer so it’s easier to stay on a healthy eating plan.

A dozen Extra Large Eggs costs only $2.60. This power packed purchase has the potential to up size the health benefits for a family with enough left over after brekky to make a cake for the lunch boxes. The satisfaction  last all day long. See you in store soon, Stevo



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