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The Perfect Steak

  March 13, 2012  |    Blog  |   

Stevo Says: Perfectly Simple!

Maybe it’s the warmer weather over the next few days or entertaining on the weekend, either way a steak on the barbeque is simply perfect.



Preparation time is negligable after the cut and thickness is chosen, both of which can be done in store. All the cuts are ready to go, we can custom-cut to your requirements and also advise on the most suitable cut for your taste. Our In-store Kiosk, at the end of the registers, is where you can print out instructions on how to cook the perfect steak. You will be able to take home all the necessary information on cooking from  a Medium Rare Steak all the way up to one that is well done. Your only at home decision to make is whether to accompany it, on plate, with a classic salad or perhaps between grilled ciabatta with caramalised onions, lettuce, tomato, seed mustard and a grilled egg. See you in store soon, Stevo.

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