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And the Year Marches On!

  March 6, 2012  |    Blog  |    ,

Stevo Says: Let’s Roast It.

The ever popular family roast is always a winner and can be dressed up to shine at any dinner party.



We are into the third month of 2012 already so let’s get those clocks ticking in our favour. Most kitchens nowadays have an oven with a timer so get out the instructions and get familiar. Roasting is a perfect cooking method to turn the controls over to the oven. This frees up time to do final preparations for family or friends. Heat the oven to temperature, in with the meat and vegetables and on goes the timer. A quick check, after half an hour to turn the meat and vegetables and that’s it. Better still, if cooking meat on a rack, turning is not required. Rest the meat, once cooked, pop the veggies in another oven dish and back in the oven, while you make the gravy out of the pan juices.

There are various cuts of meat available to roast and not forgetting a whole chicken, lamb or even a pig that can be spit roasted for a hungry crowd. In store we have roasts already marinated in many mouth watering flavours, Herb, garlic and chilli, Port wine and garlic, Barbeque spare rib, Hickory peppercorn and Honey and rosemary, all there to tempt you, along with others. Perhaps your preference is to prepare your own flavour combination at home, but remember our butchers are ready to help. Please don’t hesitate to ask next time your in, we do our best to suit any occasion. Roasted quail or pig, no request is too big or too small. See you in store soon, Stevo.