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Our new wholesale direct to public store

It was well worth the wait after an extended period of construction when our new store opened it sliding doors in October 2011. Keysborough Egg Farm’s new state of the art facilities and ample parking is in an easily accessible location for all.

We are now more efficient than ever, with a high turn over ensuring you get the freshest products & well staffed, to give you the quality and service you deserve.

The best part of all is that our staff returned after 8 months of construction. We are now one big happy Keysborough Egg Farm family again.

Whether you’re a regular or new acquaintance, this is what you can expect when you enter:

Meat & Poultry

Keysborough Egg Farm

  • Self serve. Conveniently packaged and ready to go from our fridge.
  • Service section. A large selection of meats, poultry, including BBQ favourites, Chicken Kievs and seasoned chicken wings.
  • Butcher. Master butcher Stevo heads up our expert, professional and friendly staff to give you the best cuts on your plate. If you have a specific cut in mind, don’t hesitate to ask or phone to pre order. We’re always happy to assist. Stevo also has some great suggestions Stevo Says
  • Rotisserie. Ready roasted Chickens to go. ( Hint. get in quick as they usually sell out before the end of the day)
  • Recipe Kiosk. A diverse selection of culinary delights to suit even the most discerning palate and foodie. Just print out a recipe you want when you’re in store.
  • Condiments. Hand selected and tested to ensure the final results are perfect. A great selection of sauces, herbs, spices and honey are available for purchase to compliment your dishes. View selection


Opening Hours
Mon - Fri 7am to 5.30pm Saturday 7am to 1pm

2-8 Pacific Drive,
Keysborough VIC 3173

Tel: (03) 8769 4111

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