Chicken Maryland…

Chicken Maryland…

Stevo says: It’s a wonderland of possibilities… When shopping at the butcher’s a great deal of value can be gained in knowing your cuts of meat or asking those in the know.Chicken Maryland , for example, is a large cut of chicken containing both the thigh and the leg of the bird. Maryland can be [...]

Let’s Make Soup!

Stevo Says: When It’s cold, Home-made Soup is Gold ! Soup, a nutritious one pot meal, is a tasty answer to the wintry blues. With the Olympics on now, dinner can happily simmer away as we catch up with our favourite athletes triumphs.   The recipe I want to share with you is for Pea [...]

Beef Week

Stevo Says:..Porterhouse, Scotch and T-Bone, on special and truly special.   This week we have three Prime-cuts of beef on special and the possibilities are endless. Not only do we find these cuts coming off the barbeque as individual pieces, some can be roasted whole, cut for a stir-fry or, if romance is on the [...]


Stevo Says:…There is more to the story. Sausages are often viewed as the quick barbeque ingredient. They are  a snack popped in bread for the children or a ready bite with a beer as the chefs chat while cooking, but there is a lot more value to be found. A hotel breakfast always has a [...]

Comfort Food…

Stevo Says:…Is it Weather Related? The weather is now turning cold or should I say…uncomfortable enough for us all to be talking about it. Some rejoice in the thought of a day trip to the snow or maybe a ski holiday, to most the pick me up relates to food favourites. Now, on a daily [...]


Stevo Says: Near Perfect Protein… That’s The Egg! Eggs are of the highest quality protein. The simple ingredient required to create a protein is a molecule called an amino acid. There are about 20 amino acids, 11 of which the body can create and the rest are called essential amino acids, only obtainable  through the [...]

Alfresco… And The Roast…

  Stevo Says: The Answer to Mess Free Entertaining…All Year Round   Alfresco areas are an intrinsic part of homes these days and a valuable asset , not only for  entertaining but also in time saving when it’s time to clean up. With direct access to the kitchen the barbeque is the answer to cooking [...]

Eggs… More than they’re cracked up to be…

Stevo Says: A winner… breakfast, lunch and dinner! We are now beginning to embrace the near perfection that is the humble egg. Eggs are naturally packaged perfect nutrition. Eggs are an essential ingredient in meals throughout every day. Let’s start with the brekky benefits when eggs are on the menu.Breakfast is seen as the most [...]

Chicken Schnitzel

Stevo Says: Ready and Waiting, daily! Chicken Schnitzel is always a favourite. Fresh chicken, eggs, herbs and breadcrumbs just as it should be done.     Chicken Schnitzel is made fresh daily in various forms. Breast fillets ,Thigh fillets and Tenderloin fillets are all available to cater for everyone.We use only fresh fillets, so you [...]

The Perfect Steak

Stevo Says: Perfectly Simple! Maybe it’s the warmer weather over the next few days or entertaining on the weekend, either way a steak on the barbeque is simply perfect.     Preparation time is negligable after the cut and thickness is chosen, both of which can be done in store. All the cuts are ready to go, we [...]

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