Our Loyalty Card…

Our Loyalty Card…

Stevo says: Valuable in more ways than one… There is not only value to be found in our Loyalty Card but also time saving, peace of mind and a bit of fun thrown in. Order meat for an occasion, hire a spit, enjoy a 4% discount or join in the footy tipping competition, our Loyalty [...]

Spit- Roast Success…

Stevo says: How can we guarantee it? Let’s talk about the crowd pleasing Spit Roast. It can be found in many sizes and forms from coal to gas, electric to battery powered. The results are, however, universally delicious and user friendly for all. A large spit can be used to cook a whole lamb, pig [...]

Ready Roasts…

Stevo says: We’ve done the prep for you… In time for this wintry weather we have  prepared roast packs. The veggies are all cut and surround the meat in a convenient foil baking tray ready to pop in the oven or closed hood barbeque. There’s no washing up, unless, in these eco friendly times, you [...]

Let’s Roast…

Stevo says…Lamb, a family favourite for Easter! The family roast  loved by all, is a meal that sets an occasion. It is a one pan crowd pleaser, so the cleanup’s easy. Once in the oven there is time for all to relax, even the cook which makes it hard to beat. Here is a recipe [...]

Ready Made Meals…

…Stevo says: Quick and Easy doesn’t mean unhealthy… Time is short for most of us and there are times when the thought of preparing a meal from scratch is way too big an ask. That’s why we have many ready made options to take the strain out of creating the main ( meal that is). When [...]

Australia Day!

…Stevo says: Celebrate with family and friends… Australia Day is the perfect summer celebration. Family and good friends around the barbeque, camp fire or beachside. What ever your favourite location is we  wish you all the very best for a memorable day. We will be open as usual on Saturday 26th so pop in if you [...]

Christmas Time

Stevo says: It’s time to order your meat for Christmas… Beat the rush and relax with the peace of mind that the main ingredient for The Christmas table is sorted. Here are all the details for The 2012 festive season,  the decision’s yours…. Whole Turkey $8.99kg Turkey Buffet $9.99kg Turkey Breast  $15.49kg Turkey Mince Stuffing $7.99kg [...]

Cut and Quality…

Stevo says: How can we guarantee it? When feeding our families a home cooked meal the task at hand requires time and effort. How do we know the meat we are serving will stand up to our expectations? We rely on the expertise of our  trusted butcher. This butcher in turn is able to recommend [...]

Take-Away Anyone?

Stevo says: What Is and What Isn’t … Take-away in it’s traditional form is served wrapped up in white paper or packaged in a miriad of appropriately sized cardboard containers. When placed on the dinner table, picnic table or perhaps even your lap there’s no escaping it’s origin was not the family kitchen. I am [...]

Lamb Cutlets…

 Stevo says: Finger Licking Good… Spring is only a day away, the rain-drenched windows of yesterday are now bathed in sunshine. Meals that don’t interfere with the playtime come to mind . Lamb cutlets are a favourite in our house, marinated in garlic, lemon juice and rosemary and seem to taste better when eaten with [...]

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