The best steak

The best steak

Steve says: must rest after cooking and before serving… We all love that juicy, melt in your mouth experience of a great steak. Resting is the necessary ingredient in ensuring you achieve just that. When meat has time rest it allows the meat to relax and the moisture to evenly distribute throughout the meat. To [...]

Grand Final Weekend

Stevo says: best time to barbeque! Grand final weekend is the time to get together with friends and family and celebrate our Nation’s game. We congregate around the barbeque, enjoying the spring weather and watch the game on the nearby television, perfect. The Friday lead up to the weekend is a holiday for Victorians so we [...]

Australia Day and Lamb Chops

Stevo says: perfect formula for Australia Day ! Lamb seems to be the meat of choice for Australia Day, from a whole lamb right down to a chop they are all party favourites. Barbeque Lamb Chops are fabulously versatile, straight up on the barbeque, marinated, or dressed  with garlic and rosemary they are a crowd pleaser [...]

It’s our 4th Birthday

Stevo says: Let’s celebrate… This week we celebrate our 4th birthday, here in this location. As our many loyal customers would know we have been in this business for decades now, an achievement we are very proud of, as an independent small family business. We would like to take the opportunity to thank you all, [...]

Open Friday 2nd October

Stevo says: for all your Grand Final shopping.. We will be open on Grand Final Eve, the public holiday, Friday October 2nd from 8am until 4pm. Grand Final Day is a favourite for a barbeque celebration so drop in and see us, the day before, and kick back and enjoy the game on Saturday. If [...]

Dry-Aged Prime Beef

Stevo says:The Beef Connoisseur’s choice… Dry-Aged Beef is served in some of our best city restaurants and now you can also enjoy it at home. Newly installed a purpose built Dry-Ageing fridge in-store where you can view the process of ageing beef and select the perfect cut. The Dye Ageing process results in an incredibly [...]

Our Home-made Bratwurst Sausages…

Stevo says:They’re a winner in the making… The Butchers have spent many hours testing flavour and ingredient combinations to get their Bratwurst Sausage just right. This takes many hours of trials, and tastings but we don’t get many complaints about that. They have finally developed a recipe they are proud of and have entered it [...]

Mother’ Day…

Stevo says: Spoil Mum and cook… Mother’s Day is the one day in the year we are reminded of what we really should be doing daily…thanking our Mums for all that they do and for all that they are. What does Mum want…to be spoilt, take charge of the day’s planning in every way so [...]

Australia Day Celebrations….

Stevo says: Anything goes… Australia Day, the day to fly the flag in honour of the country we know and love, the country we proudly call home. Whether it be on the sporting arena, the beach or around the Barbeque, we Australians love a celebration and Australia Day is up there with the best. Feasting [...]

A Christmas Meal To Remember…

Stevo says: We have Mouth-watering Christmas fare for 2013… The clock is ticking and here we are with less than a month to go before Santa shimmies down the chimney. A lot of time and effort goes into finding the perfect  presses. The same goes for the all important meal we share with family and friends. [...]

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