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Ready Roasts…

Stevo says: We’ve done the prep for you… In time for this wintry weather we have  prepared roast packs. The veggies are all cut and surround the meat in a convenient foil baking tray ready to pop in the oven or closed hood barbeque. There’s no washing up, unless, in these eco friendly times, you [...]

Let’s Roast…

Stevo says…Lamb, a family favourite for Easter! The family roast  loved by all, is a meal that sets an occasion. It is a one pan crowd pleaser, so the cleanup’s easy. Once in the oven there is time for all to relax, even the cook which makes it hard to beat. Here is a recipe [...]

Ready Made Meals…

…Stevo says: Quick and Easy doesn’t mean unhealthy… Time is short for most of us and there are times when the thought of preparing a meal from scratch is way too big an ask. That’s why we have many ready made options to take the strain out of creating the main ( meal that is). When [...]

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