Stevo Says

A Christmas Meal To Remember…

Stevo says: We have Mouth-watering Christmas fare for 2013… The clock is ticking and here we are with less than a month to go before Santa shimmies down the chimney. A lot of time and effort goes into finding the perfect  presses. The same goes for the all important meal we share with family and friends. [...]

Our Loyalty Card…

Stevo says: Valuable in more ways than one… There is not only value to be found in our Loyalty Card but also time saving, peace of mind and a bit of fun thrown in. Order meat for an occasion, hire a spit, enjoy a 4% discount or join in the footy tipping competition, our Loyalty [...]

Spit- Roast Success…

Stevo says: How can we guarantee it? Let’s talk about the crowd pleasing Spit Roast. It can be found in many sizes and forms from coal to gas, electric to battery powered. The results are, however, universally delicious and user friendly for all. A large spit can be used to cook a whole lamb, pig [...]

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