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Stevo Says

Our Master Butcher Stevo posts a little foodie inspiration. The best steak ... must rest after cooking and before serving/more

  • Stevo Says: Ready- made Meals.

    Enjoy time out with family and loved ones because we've done the work for you.     When the weather's as hot as it was over the weekend the last thing we want to do is prepare meals for the week ahead. Life's busy, and at the same time has to be enjoyed, so all our ready-made meals are good to go. The choice is extensive from beef stir-fry, homemade Chicken, mushroom and bacon Kiev and traditional Chicken Kiev. For those after something a little fiery there's Peri-peri boneless chicken rolls. Impress your guests with Chicken Mignons or Beef and Spinach Medallions. Silence the family as they tuck into Schnitzels, Bocconcini or Cutlets coated in egg, breadcrumbs and herbs just like they were made at home, but without the fuss. And the choices roll on. See you in store soon, Stevo.
    This Week Is Easy Week!
  • Stevo says...Lamb, a family favourite for Easter!

    The family roast  loved by all, is a meal that sets an occasion. It is a one pan crowd pleaser, so the cleanup's easy. Once in the oven there is time for all to relax, even the cook which makes it hard to beat. Here is a recipe for:

    Roast Lamb with Rosemary and Garlic

    2kg Leg of Lamb

    Bunch of fresh Rosemary roughly chopped.

    1 bulb or head of Garlic

    Olive Oil

    Salt and Pepper.

    ( Lemon zest also adds extra flavour to the meat. Use the zest of a whole lemon and add to to the marinade as an  alternative.)

    Heat oven to 200 degrees C or your closed hood barbeque.

    To cook the perfect roast we want the meat to be at room temperature. If it is straight from the fridge it takes a lot longer for the centre of the meat to reach cooking temperature and can therefore effect the end result. Let the meat sit for about an hour, covered on your bench before cooking. This can be done after rubbing with the marinade to allow the flavours to blend.


    In your blender blitz 2 -3 large gloves of garlic, the rosemary and 3 tablespoons of olive oil. Extra oil can be added if needed to get the marinade to a spreading consistency. Season the lamb with salt and pepper.Rub the marinade over the seasoned lamb.

    Cook your lamb for 75 minutes for medium or longer if preferred . Rest the meat for at least fifteen minutes, loosely covered with foil, before carving. Accompany with roasted veggies, baked potatoes or a salad if you prefer. This lamb is also lovely sliced in a wrap with tzatziki and salad.

    Lemon zest also adds extra flavour to the meat. Use the zest of a whole lemon and add to to the marinade as an  alternative.

    Mint sauce is fabulous with lamb. Mix together 3-4 tablespoons of chopped fresh mint, pinch of salt, 1 teaspoon sugar, half a cup boiling water and wine vinegar to taste.


    Let’s Roast…
  • Stevo says: How can we guarantee it?

    Let's talk about the crowd pleasing Spit Roast. It can be found in many sizes and forms from coal to gas, electric to battery powered. The results are, however, universally delicious and user friendly for all. A large spit can be used to cook a whole lamb, pig or goat. The much smaller  battery run style for example,  is easy for a family meal and yet big enough for the entire clan at christmas time. The meat that is cooked can be marinated, dressed or stuffed to suit the occasion. If your not sure of how to prepare your meat a skilled butcher can easily set you on the right path. In our store our skilled staff can do all the work for you, prepare the ideal size meat, place it on the rod and even supply the spit for a small hiring fee.The only decisions you need to make are what type of meat and flavour. The staff can then instruct you on the appropriate cooking time and that's it...party time. ...See you in store soon....Stevo
    Spit- Roast Success…
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